Landed your dream internship? Find your dream summer housing to boot.

So you’ve busted your butt and landed your dream internship in downtown Chicago this summer. You should be able to relax now, right? Unfortunately for many, the greater challenge is just beginning. Finding a place to live short-term during this internship experience can be a huge headache and struggle.

The first response for many is often Craig’s list- the one stop shop for all things apartments. Craig’s list has the potential to work out great. But I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories too- the ones about the drug-dealing roommate, missing belongings, or the roommate’s live in boyfriend. In a new city, this sense of uncertainty is often one most people would like to avoid. As an additional option, you could always crash on a relative’s couch, but that leaves little room for privacy and the growth experience that living on your own in Chicago can provide.

However, I am here to save the day (or the summer) and tell you that there are more choices than meets the eye. There are actually places in downtown Chicago that offer short-term leases specifically for students coming to intern over the summer. There are a few great options right downtown, but one viable one is The Buckingham. It is located right in the heart of Chicago just a few steps from tons of hot spots. The Buckingham offers three-month leases to students in fully furnished apartments. There is 24-hour security to put parents at ease about sending their kids off to the city for the first time. Also you can choose to live by yourself, with someone you know, or blind.

There are other great options too like the dorms at University of Chicago or the School of the Art Institute of Chicago that also offer great amenities. Hope that you can relieve yourself of some of the summer stress and sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. It’s sure to be a great experience!


Find Your Match!

Find your match!

Yes, what your mom told you is true-just because everyone is doing “it” doesn’t mean “it” is good for you. Whether it’s dying your hair pink, going to medical school, or the carb-free diet- doesn’t mean you should always follow the crowd. The same goes for finding an apartment in the city. Just because all of your friends live in Lincoln Park or Wriglyville, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump, too? Now, that is not to say that living in Lincoln Park or Wriglyville is like jumping off a bridge. They are fantastic places to live. There are just so many other great neighborhoods with less notoriety that I want you to know about, too.

Instead of just going with the crowd and living where they live, I want you to be more educated on the 32 neighborhoods (yes, 32!) throughout the city of Chicago. With the help of my team, and some anecdotal data I have put together a short eight-question Facebook assessment to help you do just that. The assessment is only eight questions long and will match you up with your ideal neighborhood. It will even provide you with a few listings and prices of places in that neighborhood. You can try it out here: or directly on our site.

I would love to hear about your results and use them to help you find your new happy home in the place that’s ideal for you. Let me know what you think!


Man Finds His Ideal Roommate in a Pillow. Find Yours in a Person.

Ah…the joy of roommates- someone to hang out with on the weekends, go the bar with, and to call and pretend your apartment is on fire when you’re out on an awful date. They can also mean piles of dirty dishes in the sink, hair in the shower, and late rent payments. But what if you had a roommate, or a significant other, who never left a single dirty pot, always put their things away, and never interrupted your phone calls? Sounds pretty appealing. Well 28-year-old Lee Gin-Gyu got all that and more (less is more these days, right?) when he married his current roommate and the woman of his dreams, a five foot two inch pillow.

For the ceremony, Gin-Gyu organized to have a special priest and even made sure the pillow had the perfect wedding dress. Gin-Gyu’s wife goes on many special dates with him to the fair where she rides all the rides, and out to dinner where she gets her own meals. I doubt she has much to say on these outings or at home, but she is a very loyal companion and extremely easy to live with.

Sometimes, living with a roommate can often make us wish we had someone to do all the activities we wanted, pick up their dirty laundry, or who would just shut up and leave us alone. However, living with a roommate, one who talks and walks, and breathes (sorry Lee Gin-Gyu’s wife) can also have many advantages. Studies show that those who live with roommates or significant others are happier overall because they are provided with more social outlets and opportunities for activities. Many also feel safer knowing that there is another person living in their home, and feel comforted having someone to talk with after a long day. Having someone to share the rent and utility costs don’t hurt either. However, in choosing your potential roommate, there are a few things I suggest you consider:

1. Scheduling- Are you a morning person? A night owl who likes to stay up until all hours of the night? Are you in school part time and need it quiet for studying? Love having loud parties? It is best if you and your roommates are in the same stage of life and want similar things out of a living environment.

2. Cleanliness- If you are someone who is incredibly clean and notices every speck of dirt, it is important to live with someone who is on a similar wave length. Otherwise you will constantly be picking up after them and begin feeling resentful.

3. Personality type- This would not be an issue for couples living together. The fact that you are already dating/married would be a pretty good indication that your personalities are a fit. However, for others, it is important to try to live with someone with the same general personality set. A super easy going person would not pair well with a type-A personality.

Having these things in mind, I have no doubt you are well on your way to finding the perfect roommate for your new apartment. . Sure, nothing molds to your body more or can physically fit with you better than a life-sized pillow. But nothing makes for a happier home, than peace of mind with a great roommate!

Happiness and an Igloo

Jim Grey, an unemployed guy in his mid-twenties, was stuck living with his parents and bored. Really, really bored. So he set out to find something to do. After a huge snowstorm hit his family’s yard in the Cleveland suburb of Chardon, he found his answer. While shoveling piles of snow in his parent’s backyard he was inspired to build an igloo.

Not just any igloo. A 625 square foot, four room igloo that would serve as his new home. It is equipped with a flat screen TV, cable, surround sound, and strobe lights (not so sure what you need those for, but whatever floats your boat). The igloo house, has 6-foot tall ceilings and Ohio State paraphernalia hanging from the ice walls. Grey says that he lights candles for ambience when friends come over, and never has to worry about the beer getting warm.

The moral of the story? Jim Grey was not thrilled to be bored and living with his parents so he set out to make his living situation one that he could be more comfortable and happy in. If Jim Grey can find happiness in an igloo, you can do it in an apartment. Put thought into your home.

What is ‘better living’?

Chicago Apartment Finders.

We believe there’s a better way. It’s better living. This encompasses more than just a re-done kitchen or new windows. That’s not what we mean. Better living extends beyond the walls of your apartment. It’s about finding the right neighborhood for you, finding amenities that make sense for you, and picking a logical location for work or school’s sake. No longer should ignorance, apathy, and unhappiness be obstacles among the almost 1.5 million Chicago renters…We know the market, we’ll care, and we’ll take an inconvenient, uncomfortable process and make it tolerable or even…fun. I mean, have you ever ridden in a Mini Cooper? You will be guided through this process by an agent who knows better- someone who can speak from experience. A person who loves and lives the Chicago Apartment Finders brand. Renter or not, join this cause. Be a part of this movement. Salute this better way that I can’t stop talking about.

Forecast on Craig’s List

I have been hearing a lot of rumbling from our agents about the state of Craigslist in Chicago. One agent said the URL might as well be

Apparently, due to the advance of software technology and growth of upstart apartment listing services – Craigs List has literally become FLOODED with automated postings that repeat the same listings and make it near impossible for average people to have their listings found. Companies are basically using bots to continually repost the same listings. A landlord may submit his/her apartment on Craigs Llist and find it buried 3 pages deep within minutes.The recent flood of posts has some speculating that Craigs List may soon implement a pay-per-post model as is already the case in New York.

The state of Craig's List

To be fair, Chicago Apartment Finders agents use Craig’s List as a tool but it is against our policy to use any kind of auto-posting software.