Landed your dream internship? Find your dream summer housing to boot.

So you’ve busted your butt and landed your dream internship in downtown Chicago this summer. You should be able to relax now, right? Unfortunately for many, the greater challenge is just beginning. Finding a place to live short-term during this internship experience can be a huge headache and struggle.

The first response for many is often Craig’s list- the one stop shop for all things apartments. Craig’s list has the potential to work out great. But I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories too- the ones about the drug-dealing roommate, missing belongings, or the roommate’s live in boyfriend. In a new city, this sense of uncertainty is often one most people would like to avoid. As an additional option, you could always crash on a relative’s couch, but that leaves little room for privacy and the growth experience that living on your own in Chicago can provide.

However, I am here to save the day (or the summer) and tell you that there are more choices than meets the eye. There are actually places in downtown Chicago that offer short-term leases specifically for students coming to intern over the summer. There are a few great options right downtown, but one viable one is The Buckingham. It is located right in the heart of Chicago just a few steps from tons of hot spots. The Buckingham offers three-month leases to students in fully furnished apartments. There is 24-hour security to put parents at ease about sending their kids off to the city for the first time. Also you can choose to live by yourself, with someone you know, or blind.

There are other great options too like the dorms at University of Chicago or the School of the Art Institute of Chicago that also offer great amenities. Hope that you can relieve yourself of some of the summer stress and sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. It’s sure to be a great experience!


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