A Rare Moral Lesson from Reality TV

This past Monday night America found itself in uproar as “The Bachelor’s” Jake Pavelka chose the girl America – along with the rest of the girls in the house – loved to hate, Vienna Giardi. Vienna is rough around the edges, often blunt, and as the tabloids have pointed out has anything but a squeaky clean past. Jake shockingly chose Viena over Tenley, the girl who is angelic, sweet, and someone that any guy would be happy to bring home to mom- the more obvious and sensible choice.

However, upon delving deeper into the circumstances, it seemed Jake had spent his life thus far making the safe and obvious choices. He would listen to those around him and tune out what he actually wanted causing him to end up unfulfilled and unhappy. Through “The Bachelor” Jake has said that he stopped learning to care what others wanted for him and started listening to himself. As much as I did not care for the image of Vienna portrayed on TV I say “bravo!” to Jake for finally trusting his own instincts.

Now, it is rare that pop culture will ever give us moral examples of what to do, but hear me out. Upon moving to Chicago, many often go straight for Lincoln Park, or Bucktown without actually knowing anything about these areas. It is simply that they have heard of them before or that their friends live there- so they make the “sensible” decision that it must be right for them, too. DON’T DO THIS!!! There are SO many great neighborhoods in Chicago. Many less obvious and less explored, and yes, even less popular choices but just as fantastic. Plus, you may just get more for your money.

When looking for your next place, don’t just go straight for the popular choice. Explore Chicago and try to find what neighborhood truly suits your personality- not what others tell you does. Who knows, you may even end up like Jake and discover your true love of Chicago in the process.


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