Happiness and an Igloo

Jim Grey, an unemployed guy in his mid-twenties, was stuck living with his parents and bored. Really, really bored. So he set out to find something to do. After a huge snowstorm hit his family’s yard in the Cleveland suburb of Chardon, he found his answer. While shoveling piles of snow in his parent’s backyard he was inspired to build an igloo.

Not just any igloo. A 625 square foot, four room igloo that would serve as his new home. It is equipped with a flat screen TV, cable, surround sound, and strobe lights (not so sure what you need those for, but whatever floats your boat). The igloo house, has 6-foot tall ceilings and Ohio State paraphernalia hanging from the ice walls. Grey says that he lights candles for ambience when friends come over, and never has to worry about the beer getting warm.

The moral of the story? Jim Grey was not thrilled to be bored and living with his parents so he set out to make his living situation one that he could be more comfortable and happy in. If Jim Grey can find happiness in an igloo, you can do it in an apartment. Put thought into your home.


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