As it blizzards (yes, it can be used as a verb)

All right, Chicago-

Here are two musings (more like tips) for this cold weather- which, by the way, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. They’ll be sure to save you some money.

For starters- because it’s much darker in the winter and you will probably be home more, replace incandescent bulbs with EnergyStar compact fluorescent lights. In doing this, you will use less than one-third the energy. Replacing just 5 bulbs will save you $65 per year.

Also, insulate and weatherize! Air leaks are the BIGGEST contributor to energy loss, so this is important. While your landlord is not obligated to further modify the apartment after a lease is signed, it doesn’t hurt to ask! Hold your hand near windows and if you can feel cold air, you are losing money. Respectfully explain the issue to your landlord and ask if s/he can come out and caulk and weatherstrip. If they say no, ask for permission to do it yourself. Use removable rope caulk or shrink-film plastic on drafty windows and over in-wall air conditioning units. Removing window plastic sometimes takes paint with it so it’s important to get the owner’s permission.

Neither of these sound exciting, I know, but saving money does. Implementing these two pointers couldn’t take more than a few hours of your time, so give em a shot.

And use the extra money you’ll saving to buy a Jimmy Buffett CD, a floral shirt, and some pina colada mix….oh, and think warm thoughts.

WARMEST regards,



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