What is ‘better living’?

Chicago Apartment Finders.

We believe there’s a better way. It’s better living. This encompasses more than just a re-done kitchen or new windows. That’s not what we mean. Better living extends beyond the walls of your apartment. It’s about finding the right neighborhood for you, finding amenities that make sense for you, and picking a logical location for work or school’s sake. No longer should ignorance, apathy, and unhappiness be obstacles among the almost 1.5 million Chicago renters…We know the market, we’ll care, and we’ll take an inconvenient, uncomfortable process and make it tolerable or even…fun. I mean, have you ever ridden in a Mini Cooper? You will be guided through this process by an agent who knows better- someone who can speak from experience. A person who loves and lives the Chicago Apartment Finders brand. Renter or not, join this cause. Be a part of this movement. Salute this better way that I can’t stop talking about.


Don’t laugh

While the image of this so-called chimney balloon might conjure a chuckly, saving up to 30 percent on winter heating bills is nothing to laugh at! Not surprisingly, one of the biggest complaints we hear this time of year is cold apartments. Read how this innovative inflatable can not only keep you warmer in your apartment, but save you big on energy bills: http://www.luxuryhousingtrends.com/archive/2009/11/lower-your-electric-bill-with-a-chimney-balloon/.

Latest innovation in saving on home energy bills.

Slushy shoes, the bane of my existence

Keep this out of your apartment.

Thank you Apartment Therapy Chicago for the great post on dealing with slushy shoes available here. I bet the pebble-filled boot tray is best. Nice thinking Martha Stewart.