Forecast on Craig’s List

I have been hearing a lot of rumbling from our agents about the state of Craigslist in Chicago. One agent said the URL might as well be

Apparently, due to the advance of software technology and growth of upstart apartment listing services – Craigs List has literally become FLOODED with automated postings that repeat the same listings and make it near impossible for average people to have their listings found. Companies are basically using bots to continually repost the same listings. A landlord may submit his/her apartment on Craigs Llist and find it buried 3 pages deep within minutes.The recent flood of posts has some speculating that Craigs List may soon implement a pay-per-post model as is already the case in New York.

The state of Craig's List

To be fair, Chicago Apartment Finders agents use Craig’s List as a tool but it is against our policy to use any kind of auto-posting software.



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